“Noya” – Ayzha Nyree

Ayzha Nyree’s latest single “Noya” is an engaging R&B tune that will have your attention with its intense, driving production, straight-forward lyrics, and Nyree’s incredible voice that effortlessly captures the restrained, confident tone of the song.

Beginning with a jarring vocalization that will have your full attention, “Noya” glides into a moderate rhythm accented by a motivated flow of pensive violin arpeggiation that continues throughout the song. Nyree’s voice fluctuates between flowing and sweet to an unwavering, matter-of-fact tone that radiates a striking emotional intensity. The lyrics are honest and relatable depicting the narrative of letting go of someone who isn’t good enough and letting them stay in the past.

Originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, Ayzha Nyree is currently based in Los Angeles. Nyree has seen viral success on both YouTube and TikTok with her remix of Chris Brown’s “No Guidance”, and she also contributed to Day Lee’s EP Way of Life Vol. 2 on the track “Issues”. Now signed to Republic Records, it won’t be long until we hear more from this talented artist. With her incredible beats, engaging production, and versatile voice, “Noya” is just the beginning for Ayzha Nyree.

Written by Katrina Charles

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