“Cowboy” – Allison Ponthier

Allison Ponthier’s single “Cowboy” is a dynamic song that blends elements of dream pop and folk. The tune tells the tale of consolidating your past and your present while discovering your true self. With poetic, abstract lyrics and a whimsically conversational tone that slightly echoes Regina Spektor in style, “Cowboy” is a delightful song full of unexpected sonic surprises about being ready to live your truth.

Beginning with simple piano chords underneath Ponthier’s textured, relaxed voice, “Cowboy” begins simply before a moment of country flair accentuates the lyrical content. The instrumentation builds with glowing reverberating echoes before launching into a pop rhythm marked by bright percussion and acoustic guitar strums. The upbeat orchestration paired with her relaxed vocal delivery is slightly reminiscent of Jenny Lewis. The chorus states “I saw the cutters through barbed wire, I didn’t know I could come out”. Suddenly, we enter another chapter of the song with introspective, ominous tones. The ending is a cinematic experience about finding that you’re not the only one of your kind.

Originally from Texas, Allison Ponthier is now based in Brooklyn, New York. Ponthier’s music is creative and imaginative, and her narrative storytelling often reflects aspects of her journey involving her conservative upbringing and queer identity. With its dynamic production, artfully crafted lyrics, and Ponthier’s engaging and emphatic voice, “Cowboy” is an amazing song that tales a beautiful tale of self-discovery.

Written by Katrina Charles

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