“Butterflies” – James TW

James TW’s latest single “Butterflies” is a pensive pop track that will capture your attention with its incredibly raw, honest lyrics, entrancing production, and James TW’s perfectly emotive vocals. Telling the story of life after a breakup, “Butterflies” is a relatable song that will resonate with anyone who has ever had a broken heart.

Starting with ambient guitar tones that seem both confident and distant, “Butterflies” lures you in with an intro that sets the stage for the song’s narrative. James TW’s voice is velvety and relaxed as he sings about moving on from a relationship. The instrumentation subtly builds with harmonious synths and light, decorative percussion. The chorus comes in strong with upbeat arpeggiation and more pronounced rhythmic beats. The singer’s voice is clear and emotive as he sings “no matter what I do, I still get these butterflies”. The track slowly builds in intensity until you are swept away in a captivating composition of harmonies and intricate orchestration.

Already a platinum selling artist, the British singer and songwriter’s latest music has been inspired by finding himself at the end of a 6-year relationship just as the world went into lockdown in 2020. James TW has stated about his latest music that “everything I wrote was about the breakup”. With “Butterflies”, James TW has taken inspiration from a tumultuous time and transformed it into a beautifully engaging song that perfectly captures the experience of moving on.

Written by Katrina Charles

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