Mikey Dam – “Time”
Mikey Dam’s latest single “Time” is a soulful R&B ballad that tells a story about leaving things behind. Rhythmic acoustic guitar drives the song and provides a supportive backdrop for Dam’s uniquely expressive vocals. Exuding a thoughtful and hopeful message, “Time” reminds you to appreciate the moments you have with those you care about because you never know when your paths will meet again.
The song begins with the percussive plucks of an acoustic guitar leading into the first verse. Dam’s lyrical delivery is conversational and fluid, almost as if you’re listening to a friend trailing off in thought. The steady syncopation of the lyrics is engaging and adds an unexpected complexity that is perfectly supported by the simple and repetitive accompaniment. The words depict the importance of shared moments as he sings “We can’t buy this time, we can’t buy a thing”. 
Based in New Zealand, Mikey Dam moved from his small hometown to Auckland, the country’s largest city, to pursue music. “Time” depicts elements of this experience in a beautifully nostalgic way that will relate to anyone who has ever left home to follow a dream. A timeless message conveyed with mindfully orchestrated instrumentation and an original, evocative vocal performance, this single indicates that widespread success for this artist is only a matter of time. 

Written by Katrina Charles

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