Angelina Jordan – “Million Miles”

Steeped in an understated elegance and maturity far beyond her 14 years, Angelina Jordan’s latest single “Million Miles” is a poignant, emotional ballad about loss, grief, and the hope found in knowing that no one is ever really gone. Graceful piano carries Jordan’s soulful vocals as they depict a nostalgic tale about losing someone you love.

The song begins with moderate piano reverberating in a dream-like, reflective manner. Jordan’s voice is relaxed and flowy, decorated with instances of vocal fry that add a delicate embellishment to her delivery. The lyrics show glimpses into moments spent with someone who is no longer around, stating “I think what he’s given me, the smiles and the memories, but now he’s not here to hold my hand”. The chorus is heartfelt and optimistic, acknowledging that, although there may be an unimaginable distance between them, she is “never alone”.

Based in Los Angeles, Jordan has been gaining international buzz since winning Norway’s Got Talent when she was just eight years old. After years of honing her sound and songwriting skills, she signed with Republic Records this year and is making her label debut with this release. At first listen, it is apparent that Jordan brings an immense talent to the table as both a singer and songwriter. She truly is a rising star with a million miles of opportunities ahead of her.

Written by Katrina Charles

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