Bryce Xavier – “Sunnier Days”

Bryce Xavier’s latest single “Sunnier Days” is a soulful pop song that draws you in with its well-orchestrated production and Xavier’s captivating, dreamy vocals. This optimistic song slowly builds from a simple tune to a full soundscape with melodies and a beat that will have you swaying along by the end. A meaningful track inspired by the recent passing of his grandfather, “Sunnier Days” is a beautiful, positive memorial that will leave your heart feeling lighter.

Fading in with a haunting tone, you are immediately primed for the unique balance of straight-forward emotion and creative production that “Sunnier Days” has to offer. Xavier delivers the lyrics of the verse in a relaxed, strategically monotone way that is gradually enveloped by increasingly complex melodies and sonic decoration. The chorus diverges to a dynamic melody that highlights Xavier’s vocal range and uniquely classic timbre as he sings “Now I see there was always a better way… to choose there are sunnier days”. 

Based in Southern California, Xavier is lighting up the music scene with his unique sound and perspective. With his engaging voice, personal lyrics, and creative production, there is no doubt that his career has only sunnier days ahead. 

Written by Katrina Charles

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