“Can’t Help Myself (with Jean Deaux) – Poe Leos Remix” – Laura Marano

Laura Marano’s song “Can’t Help Myself” has just been re-released as an all-new remix featuring rapper Jean Deaux and showcasing reimagined production by Poe Leos. The result of this epic collaboration is an exciting, catchy track that blends unexpected elements into a fun and sultry experience.
With a low synth drone, Marano’s voice enters with a light, conversational delivery as she sets the scene of the playful tune. Jean Deaux interjects with a laid-back verse flowing effortlessly with a relaxed attitude. The instrumentation is light through the verse but kicks up during the chorus with bass tones and a restrained rhythm that dances with Marano’s vocal harmonies. You are suddenly launched into a strong, unexpected display as Marano repeats in a soaring tone “can’t help myself” over the intoxicating beat.

A single off of Marano’s YOU Deluxe EP, Poe Leos’ remix of “Can’t Help Myself” is a fresh collaborative effort that brings out the best elements of the original version while punching up the attitude with Leos’ Latin production and Jean Deaux’s invigorating verses. Featuring captivating and diverse rhythms, incredible vocal stylings, and a dynamic arrangement, this remix injects the original song with a new flavor and flair that you can’t help but love.

Written by Katrina Charles





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