Lund – “Moon”

Lund’s lead single “Moon” off of his debut EP Project of a Person is a rhythmic, pensive song ruminating on the feelings surrounding the end of a relationship. Underlined by clean guitar arpeggios that maintain the thoughtful feeling throughout, the song slowly builds in intensity highlighting the poetic lyrics as they continue to morph with each repetition. Lund’s vocals are conversational and dry; you can sense the defeat in his words through his understated yet charged delivery. 

The song begins simply with just the guitar and is joined by ambient strums as Lund begins to sing “Veins of glass, paper skin, I’m torn”. Harmonies and percussion come in on the following verses, creating an effect that seems to mimic compounding thoughts in a racing mind. Reverberating tones are added strategically as the song continues, ending on a lingering note that hints at hope and continuation beyond this ending.

Following the success of his song “Broken” that gained popularity after Clicky Crisp, a video game streamer, used the song on a popular video, Lund created his Project of a Person EP with the idea that, in his own words, “Perfection doesn’t exist, we are all projects”. Having developed a love of music to cope with his difficult childhood, Lund writes from a place of hope that we can always grow and become better. 

Written by Katrina Charles

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