Evie Irie – “Misfit”

Drawing heavy influence from 90s pop-punk, Evie Irie’s single “Misfit” off of her new EP The Pessimist offers a fresh perspective with a nostalgic sound. Steady bass and guitar rhythms drive this rebellious take on societal norms and expectations. Evie’s emphatic vocals showcase an incredible range of emotion, fluctuating between restrained frustration and confident defiance as she tells the narrative of life as a misfit.

The story begins as Evie asks with a raspy inquisitiveness “Have you ever had lunch in a bathroom stall?”, setting the scene of a lonely and relatable high school experience. The honest and matter-of-fact lyrics build to a chorus that is as uplifting and fun as it is catchy. You’ll be singing that you’re a “misfit, misfit, yeah yeah yeah!” immediately after the first listen. With “Misfit”, Evie Irie has successfully created an anthem for every “weird kid” to sing on a Friday night without a party invite.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Evie Irie has made her mark stateside spending time building her career in both Nashville and Los Angeles. The Pessimist EP, a follow-up to her EP The Optimist, is Irie’s project to show a different side of the faux perfection and insincere positivity often depicted in today’s social media age. At just 17, Evie is making her mark as a fresh voice for anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t fit in.

Written by Katrina Charles

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