“love is just a word” – Jasmine Thompson x Calum Scott

With the world in a very weird place at the moment, it’s nice to come across a song that celebrates the basics of being in love. Well, except that Jasmine Thompson and Calum Scott sort of toss the word out and proclaim how it’s sort of meaningless unless the right person is attached to it in their new single, “love is just a word.” 

When you think about it, they aren’t wrong. All words are mere various formations of letters until we attach weight to them, and love is no different. However, Jasmine Thompson and Calum Scott must have both had someone special in mind when they stepped up to the mic to record because you can hear the love in every note they so perfectly hit in this well-balanced duet. I think after listening to a lot of breakup songs, it was refreshing to hear a song like this and in many ways from the piano set up to the overall performance of both singers – it reminded me of those classic Disney songs. I could hear the likes of Belle and Beast or Ariel and Prince Eric doing this one in a Broadway performance. 

Jasmine Thompson has been making waves since she was just a teen. Covering her favorite songs on YouTube landed her a record deal in middle school. Now 20, she’s continuing her musical journey with her music with “love is just a word” featuring the chart-topping Calum Scott being one of several singles she’s dropped throughout 2021. To hear more from Jasmine Thompson, check out “love is just a word” and all the rest of her work on all major music and streaming sites now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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