LOVA – “Lonely Ones”

LOVA’s latest single “Lonely Ones” is an honest, empathetic song that comes from a place of understanding and connection. Carried by a light piano rhythm that leaves room for LOVA’s exceptionally emphatic and heartbreaking vocals, “Lonely Ones” is a song that cuts deeply in order to find healing.

Based in Sweden, LOVA’s international success has been steadily climbing and will only accelerate with this release. “Lonely Ones” begins with the relatable narrative of knowing all of your friends went to a party but, the singer laments, “no one told me where to go”. 

The response is a heart-wrenching chorus to the “lonely ones”, sweetly calling out others who have felt the same sense of alienation and, in doing so, showing them that they are not alone. LOVA’s emotive singing is balanced with a sense of restraint and control; she expertly builds the emotion behind her words, drawing you into a hypnotized state.

The song builds to a brief chorus of harmonies before the accompaniment pulls back, amplifying LOVA’s voice singing “I am just like you, I have been there, too”. 

LOVA’s knack for crafting a compelling narrative and presenting it with vulnerability and grace is a rare talent in today’s pop music landscape. “Lonely Ones” is truly a heartwarming testament to anyone who has ever been a lonely one.

Written by Katrina Charles

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