Phantoms – “Moonlight”

Phantoms’ song “Moonlight”, off of their new EP of the same name, is an optimistic, carefree track that focuses on the simple desire of wanting to dance with someone under the moonlight. Driven by dreamy synth sounds and light-yet-bold percussion, “Moonlight” features vocalist Sarah Close singing lyrics that will transport you to a place where you can dance your worries away.

Phantoms is comprised of Los Angeles-based electronic musicians Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola. The duo’s ability to orchestrate electronic tones into a tapestry of rich layers and perfectly placed sonic decoration is showcased effortlessly in this song. Sarah Close’s vocals add a sweet element to the mix; she sings confidently with an airy lightness that creates the perfect vessel for the honest lyrics. The bridge, with a poetically spoken delivery, is like hearing an excerpt from a diary. This artistic choice adds a very human element that brings you back down to earth and makes the celestial feeling of the track that much more magical.

Phantoms and Sarah Close have created a true dance masterpiece with this song. The vocal harmonies intertwined with the driving rhythm and uplifting orchestration make “Moonlight” a track that will transform your world into a dance floor where you can think about nothing but the music.

Written by Katrina Charles

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