Leona Berlin x Snoop Dogg – “Wrong Lane”

“Wrong Lane” by German singer/songwriter, and producer Leona Berlin featuring Snoop Dog is a vibe, hunty! Gearing up for her second album with four singles in the can, “Wrong Lane” is her latest release. Berlin boasts about authenticity and it’s clear she’s got it. The song blends her soulful sound with alternative stylistic beats and has us bopping from Berlin to LA right along with the unconventional music video. 

Berlin starts us off on a fun ride where clearly, we’re in the wrong lane, but it doesn’t matter, as it leads us on a journey to unimaginable dreams. The video bounces between reality and animation with a modernized 80’s look complete with a big pink Uncle Snoop Dogg, classic doggy dogg form, complete with blunt in hand. After partnering with the likes of Ray Angry (The Roots), Casey Benjamin and Burniss Earl Travis (Robert Glasper Experiment) for her debut album (“Leona Berlin”, Warner Music 2018), she continues to release into her second album while sending a message of empowerment.

We are in an amazing age with all women shining in Hip Hop like never before from the Minaj to the Cardi B, Saweetie, pick a cat, NoName, Young MA, to the many more who have raised the bar as female ambitious artists that are slaying. Berlin can certainly be counted in to this cutting edge group of lady leaders as her talents are undeniable in all aspects of her artistry.

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