“Lose” – KSI & Lil Wayne

Anyone alive in the early ‘00s knows all too well what to expect when Lil Wayne hops on a track, or do they? No one could have led KSI to believe he’d be working alongside the Grammy-winning rapper one day, especially on a song as out of left field as this – but alas they two came together in a song that shines a light on both in a way that truly does have the ability to take both pretty well-established artists to even newer heights. 

Every genre evolves with time. The hip hop of today, of course, has elements of Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg’s ‘90s West Coast cool, and the hype ways of Atlanta in the ‘00s, but artists today are striving for more lyrically. KSI didn’t just toss together a song he knew would light up a club, he constructed an emotive tale set to a beautiful hip hop beat. Even just kicking off things with a line like “I’m gon’ need therapy” shows the progression hip hop had made in the past 20 years.

Speaking of, “Lose” has this sort of therapeutic charm to it as both KSI and Lil Wayne not only deliver their lines like the emcees they are, but also lay down the vocal arrangements as well. Not every rapper can and/or even attempts that, but with “Lose,” it’s attempted and executed wonderfully. Given they both have a bite to their bark, the choruses sung almost came through like they were an alternative, or emo record. Which one could argue that lyrically, this song does have uber-emo elements as KSI and Lil Wayne go through the motions of the emotional toll love and loss can have on someone. 

Also, how can one deny a song that gives gold like, “There’s plenty fish in the sea and I’m a shark, bitch, like Mark Cuban?”

“Lose” follows the release of KSI’s chart topping 2021 release, ‘All Over The Place,’ and truly packs an unexpected punch. You can check out “Lose,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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