“Emotional Fever” – Hanne Mjøen

If you’re one of the millions of people who found themselves engulfed in “Sounds Good To Me” by Hanne Mjøen in 2018 then you know exactly the power this Norwegian dynamo is capable of when on the mic. Since then she’s dropped several singles, been featured in a cascade of publications, played on BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, and found herself on the ‘To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You’ soundtrack. Now she’s got her sights set on her September 17th release, ‘Emotional Fever,’ which features the title track that’s a true kaleidoscope of sound and feelings. 

In the same way, Dua Lipa was able to make electro-pop her own on 2020’s ‘Future Nostalgia,’ Hanne Mjøen does the same with “Emotional Fever.” This song cushions the narrative of someone in a bit of a situationship they can’t say for sure they want to make something more set in stone in between a soundscape of highs and lows. Things start a bit on the melancholic side but it doesn’t take long for Hanne Mjøen to pick it up and allow moments of inevitable dance breaks to come through. 

“Emotional Fever” is just the latest from the EP that shares its name, and follows the more heartfelt “Too Tired (Don’t Feel A Thing)” and another tale of lost love, “Hell With You.” Listening to them, it’s clear that Hanne Mjøen went into ‘Emotional Fever’ striving to make a record of tracks that were related but had the ability to each stand tall on their own. 

Check out Hanne Mjøen’s latest single out now, and get your hands on ‘Emotional Fever,’ everywhere on September 17, 2021.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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