“Half Hearted” – We Three

Not every band can pull off the stripped-down set with a vocal performance so strong, it causes audiences to react with fervor. Especially nowadays when we’re inundated with a cascade of performers who rely perhaps a little too much on the bells and whistles, and not enough on a more natural playing field. That is unless that band is We Three and the song is “Half Hearted.” 

In one word, beautiful, but in more than one word…

“Half Hearted” took me back to the first time I heard Christina Aguilera team up with A Great Big World for “Say Something.” In neither song is the music in any way taking a backseat to the vocals, but instead delicately holding up a delivery that is as emotive as a Military homecoming. However, in both songs, there is this melancholic air that surrounds every word. As “Half Hearted” captures that moment when one knows the relationship isn’t ever going to be mended and any inkling to work it out is nonexistent. 

If there is one thing that bonds us with one another it is the reality of heartbreak and whether or not you’ve been in this particular situation or not, you know the pain of a broken heart and can feel it with every note that travels from the stereo and occupies your space for close to four minutes. 

So those who love artists like Nate Ruess and Hozier will appreciate what We Three have going on with “Half Hearted” and should do themselves a favor and check out the album that houses it, 2020’s ‘Dear PARANOIA, Sincerely, Me.’ Both are available on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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