Londin Thompson – “People Change”

Londin Thompson’s latest single “People Change” is a moving, nostalgic anthem that will immediately join the ranks of songs you can’t get out of your head. This soulful pop song features rhythmic guitar and bluesy chord progressions that perfectly accent Thompson’s clean and emotive vocals. The lyrics evoke both longing and acceptance with a poignant honestly that will linger in your mind long after the last note plays. 

As the song begins, the conversational tone of the verse draws you in while describing the carefree days in a relationship where they would drive “nowhere just to hear the music play”. The breathy overtones of Thompson’s vocals make every word seem like a whispered confession for your ears only. The mood shifts from dreamy to direct as the chorus states “Sometimes people change, don’t they?”, acknowledging with a sorrowful optimism that things don’t stay the same, but in the end, that’s okay.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Londin Thompson made her mark this summer with the release of her first single “Wish It Would Rain” that received high praise from Billboard and garnered almost 500,000 streams. Her follow-up does not disappoint, further solidifying her status as an artist with a confident sound and an incredible talent for connecting with listeners through beautifully relatable lyrics.

Written by Katrina Charles

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