BabyJake – “Cigarettes On Patios (Remix)”

BabyJake joins forces with 24kGoldn to give us a dope “Cigarettes on Patios” Remix.

Imagine waking up one morning, turning on the radio, and listening to a song that immediately transports you to the places and moments that you remember with happiness: spring break, good vibes, and partying with your friends. That is what you will feel when listening to “Cigarettes On Patios (Remix).”

Jake Herring, better known as “BabyJake,” gives us a hymn to the party. A song that you will sing with all your might while taking some shots with your homies.

A lyric that stays stuck in your head and that you will continue singing for a long time, added to a perfectly produced beat in which the piano stands out as a reference instrument, make “Cigarettes on patios (Remix)” the perfect song to open and close any party.

If the original version of “Cigarettes on Patios” was already perfect, this remix is perfect at the tenth power. Adding 24kGoldn to this remix is a sagacious decision, as it brings an appropriate freshness and style to the song.

BabyJake and 24kGoldn are a dynamic duo, masterfully combining to complement each other, enhance the song, and take it to a new level.

With this song, BabyJake cements his name in the music industry and makes it clear that he is ready to dominate the top of the charts with his unique style and unmistakable voice.

3 minutes and 27 seconds, during which you will be dancing while raising your glass up. There is no doubt that when you listen to this song, you will feel like you want to be throwing money in the air!!!

Honorable mention for BabyJake and 24kGoldn for brightening our 2020 and making us forget the uncertain times we currently live. In short, this song has all the merits to become one of the best of the year and catapult BabyJake to the place he has always deserved: at the top.

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