Limón Limón – “Hot Pink Tiger”

“Hot Pink Tiger” by Limón Limón is an alluring west coast indie pop track. It is filled with many captivating synth laters and driven underneath by organic clean electric guitar. The lead vocals are reminiscent of Maroon 5, which gives it that commercial sense, yet the catchy singing lies on a bed of creative and nostalgic music which can only be described as their own uniquely-crafted signature sound. The whole production is extremely well-polished, with every musical detail finely glossed over. At just the right time, the arpeggiators come in and the song starts to feel as it is pulling us into a dream state.

Limón Limón surely know how to make music that just feels good. “Hot Pink Tiger” can easily be added to any chill playlist going about your day, in your car, or hanging with friends. Inspired by 80’s type synths, they draw from the past, and at the same time they also tie in the future with their modern edge. Their creative lyrics take us through an ethereal journey where fantasy becomes reality.

Limón Limón is a Los Angeles-based duo comprised of Jason (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), and Rand (Keys, Synths, Drums). In conclusion, “Hot Pink Tiger” is a gem to discover with its refreshing and invigorating textures. Allow Limón Limón to take you into a new dimension of bliss and sparkling music.

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