EyeLoveBrandon – “Follow You”

EyeLoveBrandon’s “Follow You (feat Nikki da Jukebox & Jonny Tobin)” is a creative fusion of lo-fi, neo-soul, study beats, jazz hop and chill-hop. It encompasses colorful jazzy piano chords tastefully placed atop that classic lo-fi crackle and lush harmonies, while being lead by a vintage-type falsetto vocal line. The chord progressions are vibrant and ever-changing, alongside a baseline that moves with the ease and flow of an upright standup bass that has been turned electric. The beat is captivating, and the whole track gives a sense of calmness and relaxation.

“Follow You” often replays the enrapturing vocal hook “I’ll Follow”, which ties the whole piece together into a flavorful package. Brandon’s music has crisp drum programming, soulful backing “ooh’s”, and an overall atmospheric sound. It is refreshing to hear jazz roots being honored in such a modern and innovate way.

The whole production is well-done in terms of the mixing and mastering, and it seems to retain a simplicity while still embracing many delicate layers. All in all, if you are seriously wanting some chill time time to study, work, or simply zone out, EyeLoveBrandon is the perfect artist to play.

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