“Hero” – Sam Tompkins

It only takes mere seconds of listening to Sam Tompkins to understand why his name is on the lips of everyone from Justin Bieber to Sir Elton John. With a gift for entangling listeners up with a vocal prowess that will not quit, it’s hard to say anything more about this UK artist without rambling off synonyms for fantastic, but we shall try as we dive into his latest, “Hero.” 


That was the initial reaction my body had when I finished “Hero” for the first time. Actually, it only took a line or two of Sam Tompkins’ voice for that response to happen, and even after the dust settled and I was able to catch my breath, I was still taken aback. For “Hero,” Tompkins dug deep, going a bit more personal than his previous releases. This one was penned with his father in mind, a sort of message to him and a look back at the strength he mustered up during the worst of times. 

For his father, but it wasn’t until the end with an abrupt mention did I know. So throughout, you sort of hear this more universal tale, one that you can and will be able to attach either to yourself or to someone close to you. Only at the end do you get that extra layer and know that this isn’t just a song Sam Tompkins wrote on a whim, it holds a deeper meaning to him. That alone will leave audiences breathless in a performance fans of bands like Bastille will appreciate. 

“Hero” is the third single from Sam Tompkins’ highly anticipated EP, ‘who do you pray to?’ out drops March 18, 2022. To hear “Hero” now and to check out the rest of Sam Tompkins’ current releases, make sure to find him on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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