“I’m Letting You Go” – Aminata

There are some singers that when you hear them, you just know they were born to utilize their voice in that way. Aminata is one of those singers. There are several moments throughout her new 2022 single “I’m Letting You Go” that highlight a vocal prowess and showcase just why she is one to watch in the current landscape of singer-songwriters on the scene. 

On top of pristine vocals that are reminiscent of that first season of ‘American Idol’ when the world was introduced to Kelly Clarkson, what stands out about “I’m Letting You Go” is the level of maturity in the lyrics all-around. It’s not everyday a love song about the end of a relationship holds this level of inner-growth. However, while it is a refreshing narrative to hear, you can’t help but clutch your heart at the pain found within the confines of every line. Ones like, “I’m letting you go. It tears my heart apart but I’ll be thinking about you. I will always care for you,” make you feel like you just said goodbye to a relationship even if you’ve been single the past five years with no real prospects. It’s that good. 

Those who know Aminata’s story know all too well what she is capable of, but for those who are new here – listen up. In 2015 she represented Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although she finished sixth, it set her up for a whirlwind. Since then she’s become a multilingual songstress with a multitude of singles and a pair of albums to her name. All of that hard work led to signing with Universal Music Group in 2020. Today, Aminata’s set to become a household name as her talent is undeniable. 

To hear “I’m Letting You Go” and all the rest of Aminata’s releases, check her out on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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