“power of you” – Ava Della Pietra

The pressure to live up to this idea you feel everyone around you has in their head of who you’re supposed to be can be – a lot. It takes some people their entire existence to get over that and just live for themselves, while some never figure it out. Thankfully, Ava Della Pietra did just that and put those sentiments to song with her latest single, “power of you.” 

Those familiar with Ava Della Pietra’s previous releases may be a little surprised to hear the more folklike dreamscape she’s created with “power of you” as her other singles have fallen more on the pop realm, similar to Selena Gomez. Her latest takes her to a new creative realm and puts her in alongside the Colbie Caillat and Phoebe Bridgers’ of the world. That pop meets indie meets singer-songwriter at their core. Musically and lyrically, “power of you” delivers all of that and then some, alongside this underlined lesson of the freedom individuality and reassurance in one’s self brings to life. 

This release is one of a handful from Ava Della Pietra, a performer who has years on many two, three times her age as she’s been performing professionally since elementary school. Touring productions of ‘Les Miserables,’ Broadway in ‘School of Rock,’ and performances at the Tonys and in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Her resume thus far is stacked, but coming into her own, she’s working towards elevating herself even further with more original music, and “power of you” feels like the start of something big, and we cannot wait to see. 

Those interested in hearing “power of you” can check out Ava Della Pietra on all major music and streaming platforms now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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