“Foreigner” – BAYLI

When you came up during the time of Aaliyah and Ciara, artists like BAYLI excite you from the press of play. This is exactly what happened when “Foreigner” began, and the smile on my face didn’t cease to exist until the song was over and done. 

While “Foreigner” is deeply rooted in an R&B foundation, the overall packaging makes it one of those songs that don’t really stay within the confines of genre. It can be played on a multitude of stations and would fit in well on a variety of playlists that include everyone from Doja Cat to Halsey. BAYLI’s vocals are a beautiful blend of airy harmonies and soulful bounce that makes this a song that lends itself to be one that audiences could sit and chill with just the same as hit the dancefloor with.

“Foreigner” is the latest single from BAYLI’s 2021 EP, ‘stories from ny,’ and just the latest musical gift to come from this Brooklyn-based artist. In 2017 she toured the country with her band, The Skins, opening for Joe Jonas’ DNCE. Since then she’s gained major footing in the industry behind the scenes as a songwriter for a multitude of artists including Baby Goth and Jesse McCartney, as well as doing her creative collaborations in TV and film.  

With a cascade of accolades behind her and many more ahead, BAYLI is set for the top of the charts. With that, check out “Foreigner” as it is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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