“Don’t Shame Me” – Fia Nyxx

Without the past, what would the present be? This is especially true when it comes to the arts as every generation pulls from the previous, or in this case – a few prior. See, when Fia Nyxx stepped up to the mic to record “Don’t Shame Me,” she decided to take listeners on a journey through time stopping in the golden era of jazz and heading right back to the present. 

“Don’t Shame Me” oozes not only this ultra-chic vibe as Fia Nyxx takes center stage as a modern-day lounge singer controlling her audience with one single note. Once in the palm of her hands, things start to modernize as this beautiful blend of R&B and pop takes the reins much like Christina Aguilera did on 2006’s ‘Back to Basics.’ Only Fia Nyxx gives pumps in a heavy amount of sultry soulful filled lyrics as she tells this tale of empowerment. 

This noteworthy homage to the days of Motown is Fia Nyxx’s second single from her upcoming 2022 release, ‘Red Umbrella.’ And for those thinking, she sounds familiar – it’s because Fia isn’t new to the scene. She toured throughout the US and Asia in the girl group, SHE, before releasing her solo EP, ‘Everything Girl,’ in 2018.

Fia Nyxx manages to take the heart and soul of the foundation of music and put a modern twist on it to make it work today with “Don’t Shame Me.” The latest single from her upcoming album, ‘Red Umbrella,’ is available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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