“Liquid Truth” – HARLOE

The one thing I took from years of watching ‘American Idol’ was figuring out the whole “it” factor thing Simon Cowell spoke of. It’s easy to hear within seconds of a performance, or in the case of HARLOE and “Liquid Truth,’ seconds of pressing play. The electro-inspired pop acts as a wonderful foundation, but it’s this Los Angeles-based artist’s vocals that carry this song from start to finish with finesse. 

When it comes to the basis of “Liquid Truth,” honesty is the best policy and what inspired the song which was self-produced and co-written with Jesse Saint John. A talented maestro who’s worked alongside notable chart-toppers such as Charli XCX and Lizzo. It’s a song showcasing how you’re always going to be open with the one you love, and whether or not those listening adhere to the beauty of these lyrics, one thing’s for sure – everyone will be singing along to this one.

Hearing the vocal prowess of “Liquid Truth,” you can imagine her performing this on the biggest stages of the world, with everyone in the audience just enthralled when she delivers these anthemic lines in such a way that even Beyonce would tip her hat with respect. 

HARLOE grew up with an extreme love of music. Something she inherited from her first-generation immigrant parents as they filled their Ukrainian and Romanian home in Queens with art and culture. That led her to sitting down behind the piano very early on in life. With New York City as her landscape, her love and appreciation for everything from jazz to hip hop helped push her towards a career of her own and attending NYU’s. 

Today HARLOE is continuing to impress with her latest release, “Liquid Truth,” which is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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