“Enough” – Kat Von D

Long before she sat down with a tattoo gun, Kat Von D used her hands differently. She spent hours seated in front of the piano, pouring her emotions into the ivory keys before here. Of course, life often takes you in various directions – most of the time one you didn’t originally plan for. With that, Kat Von D became tattoo artist royalty thanks to impeccable talent, but almost a decade ago she started to work her way back to her first creative expression, music. Now she’s hot on the heels of her debut release and sharing another part of it with her third single, “Enough.”

Tattoos and music often go hand in hand with many artists expressing themselves through permanent art on their bodies that range from pictures and symbols to lyrics, either their own or ones that have inspired them. In time, there may be a myriad of people out there with the word “enough” inked on them because of this song as it is all about that realized breaking point. Yes, this one is focused on that realization in the relationship sense, but on a universal level, it could fit a variety of situations from overbearing parents to bosses that left one feeling less than. 


Lyrically this will hit home for a lot of people, but musically it plays along the lines of the style Kat Von D has etched out for herself on her upcoming debut, ‘Love Made Me Do It,’ out August 27th. Her debut single, “Exorcism,” dived into her rock roots, while “I Am Nothing” followed with heavy ‘80s synth moments that were heartfelt. What “Enough” did was combine those elements into one. So those who live for those ethereal ‘80s throwbacks that pack a bit of a punch are going to live even more for ‘Love Made Me Do It.’ 


Kat Von D’s “Enough” is available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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