“Venus Fly Trap (Kito Remix)” – MARINA feat. Tove Lo

Every step of MARINA’s career has been one poised in standing her ground and making it known that whatever the norm was, she wasn’t going to fall prey to it. Doing things her way has always been the goal and her latest single featuring Tove Lo, “Venus Fly Trap (Kito Remix)” is even more proof of that.

It’s a powerhouse from the press of play as sultry undertones are blasted into hyperdrive with an anthemic cry of, “You’ve got the beauty, got the brain, got the power, hold the reins.” It’s a hook that one cannot shake, but one that is matched by the life lesson taught throughout. It’s a song meant for any and everyone society has tried to silence with normalcy, anyone who has ever been pushed into a box, into that wallflower position. Well, MARINA is here to champion for those people to fight back and be the flower that snaps back alongside the stunning wonders Tove Lo provides. 


“Venus Fly Trap (Kito Remix)” comes months ahead of the official kick-off of MARINA’s 2022 tour that will see her in San Francisco on February 22nd. From there she will touch down across the US, and even in Canada. After a few months to catch her breath, she’ll then head overseas in May 2022. That’s when fans will get their fill of this budding new single, as well as more from her 2021 release, ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land.’


Those who cannot wait to see MARINA onstage in 2022 can listen to “Venus Fly Trap (Kito Remix)” on repeat until then because it’s available now and ready for consumption. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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