“Push & Pull” – Nina Baumer

It’s not every day Ricky Martin calls someone a “natural performer,” but alas that was the reality for Australian-raised, Los Angeles-based pop dynamo Nina Baumer. Since then she’s been performing across the US, impressing every step of the way with a style that could very well be the love child of two heavy hitters in the pop realm. Especially when talking about her latest single, “Push & Pull.”

Artists like Eminem jot ideas down on napkins, others like Nina Baumer keep a diary and that is exactly where “Push & Pull” came from, “Originally, this song was a page out of my diary that turned into a song I wrote out of frustration. I wanted to capture how unbalanced my romantic relationship had become and how one person needed space and the other needed attention.”


Listening through, the basis for “Push & Pull” is something many – perhaps too many – are going to be able to attach themselves to. Not just on a romantic level, but also in terms of friendships, family, and work dynamics because who hasn’t had a friend, sibling, or boss put them in a situation where things were unbalanced? Being that “Push & Pull” works on so many levels, it can and should become an anthemic moment for the world. 


Oh yeah, and that whole love child thing…Nina comes in strong like Demi Lovato and those moments carry throughout, but when she turns around and delivers those uber-pop vibes, it makes the Dua Lipa fan in all of us live. So those into adding new powerful pop to their playlists can check out “Push & Pull” the title track from her 2021 EP, available now on all streaming and music platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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