“Done with Emotions” – Just. As. Erik

Some just aren’t meant to sit in an audience. As is the case with Just. As. Erik. A natural performer, he got his start on a different stage, performing in theater productions for well over a decade. However, playing various characters can leave one wondering – who am I? With that, Just. As. Erik presents himself and all that he is as not only a musician but as an artist. Honest and raw, he comes through with contemporary sounds that would make fans of everyone from Shawn Mendes to Niall Horan. Especially with his latest release, “Done with Emotions.” 

“I’m gonna scream my lungs out” kicks off the chorus, and never has a sentiment been delivered in such a way where you’re both feeling it emotionally, but also want to hit the dancefloor. Just. As. Erik comes through with lyrics that one can gravitate towards, attach themselves to but also spreads those words across a vivacious plain that is full of vivid movement. All of that results in a modern-day pop song that could tackle the mainstream alongside all the heavy hitters currently heating up the charts. 

With plenty of years in his back pocket as a theater performer, there is no doubt that Just. As. Erik is primed and ready to be the next household name in music. This time as himself with all that audible goodness running through him and his seamlessly perfect tracks like “Done with Emotions.” His latest is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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