“Cream Shirt” – Hauskey

Hauskey’s latest release “Cream Shirt” is a nostalgic, heartfelt tune that is as honest and emotional as it is catchy. With serious subject matter juxtaposed with a bright, dreamy tone, this release captures the optimism and idealization surrounding the memory of a day before your life changes forever.

With an ambient intro that features ringing electric guitar strums, “Cream Shirt” begins with a warm, upbeat presence. The verse enters with a strong kick drum beat and blended instrumentation that supports Hauskey’s relaxed, pensive voice as he recalls a sunny day. Though the instrumentation and production are nearly perfect, the lyrics and story are truly the heart of this song with stunning and personal imagery that will resonate with anyone who has ever lost something or someone.

Based in Australia, Hauskey is Andy Hopkins, a musician who has taken a meandering road to arrive at his current position poised for international success. Having studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, the artist went on to open his own successful music school before realizing his career path had followed an unintended direction. After a brief stint in London, Hopkins returned to Australia to re-center and focus on his songwriting. The singer’s passion and road-tested determination are up front and center in his striking lyrics and robust storytelling. With the release of “Cream Shirt”, it is apparent that Hauskey’s career is again on the right path.

Written by Katrina Charles

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