“Bet You Left it Out” – ÊMIA

ÊMIA’s latest single “Bet You Left it Out” is an electro-pop jam that will have you ready to take out the trash. Displaying a confident attitude when faced with someone else’s bad choices, “Bet You Left it Out” is an upbeat, strikingly honest track that unapologetically tells it like it is.
With the reverberating ring of a bell, “Bet You Left it Out” begins abruptly, launching you into the narrative verse. ÊMIA’s voice is clear and confident as she tells the story of an ill- fated affair with the shocking line of how her former flame “Took my hand and held me while you had somebody back in Raleigh”. The lyrics are syncopated and exude a nonchalant, almost laid-back feel as if the message comes from a place of disappointment and validation rather than a place of heartbreak. The song’s production is creative and unpredictable with sporadic beats and decorative instrumentation that accentuate the lyrics at all the right times.
Based in Brooklyn, ÊMIA is actually producer and songwriter Anh Le. Le’s unique, fearless approach to her music is a refreshing and empowering experience for any listener who can relate to her raw, straight-forward storytelling. With creative and captivating production that lays the perfect foundation for the singer’s flawless voice and cutting lyrics, “Bet You Left it Out” is the perfect anthem for anyone who has ever been wronged.

Written by Katrina Charles

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