“Forever” – Ched x Agnes S

“Forever” is the latest collaborative single from Ched and Agnes S, a follow-up to their previous joint release “Made By You” that was received with acclaim. This duo is a match made in sonic heaven with Ched’s clean and dynamic production and Agnes S’ versatile and soulful vocals that take the song to an astronomical level.

With a rhythmic intro that draws you in with strategic surround-sound, “Forever” begins with an unassuming presence as you are led into the verse. Agnes S’ voice is beautifully textured and emotive as she delivers the low melody with a thoughtful, conversational tone. The production explodes at the pre-chorus with strong piano chords that effortlessly support the intense vocals as Agnes S delivers a striking performance that resonates to your core. The chorus erupts with enveloping orchestration as she sings “do you remember how fast we were falling, nothing could stop what we did, we were all in” telling the story of the good times before a relationship’s end.

Written with the songwriter Sandro Thorell, “Forever” is a song that takes you on a heartfelt journey with exciting production, evocative vocals, and narrative lyrics that tell a heartbreakingly relatable tale. An engaging and captivating release, this is a track that will be replaying in your head forever.

Written by Katrina Charles

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