“Possibility” – JËVA

JËVA’s latest track “Possibility” is a dynamic, thunderous synth-pop tune that will have you floating on a cloud. Featuring effortless, unexpected production and JËVA’s own versatile voice full of emotion and range, “Possibility” is a dream you won’t want to wake up from.

With a peaceful fade in, JËVA’s light, emotive voice comes in with a whispering tone that is simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting. The instrumentation is dreamy and spacious under the singer’s voice as it switches between long, drawn out lines and quickly delivered messages that add a sense of conversational urgency. The beat builds under hushed melodies until the orchestration pulls back, leaving JËVA’s voice and a glowing tone beneath. Suddenly, an explosion of sound erupts with full, supportive production that will encompass you in a wall of optimistic rhythms and synth sounds.

Based in Australia, JËVA is a queer Asian-Australian artist who has found his musical influence in everything from Taylor Swift to R&B, and from rock to K-Pop. His unique blend of personal lyrics, soulful sounds, and expertly orchestrated production creates a captivating, original feel that, when combined with his heavenly voice, feels like the equivalent of a musical hug. “Possibility” is the third single off of JËVA’s Typhoon EP that is set to be released in July and, if this song is any indication, it’s possible that it just may be the soundtrack of your summer.

Written by Katrina Charles

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