“Love Pains” – Brit Martin

Brit Martin’s latest track “Love Pains” is an honest, complex song that captures the complicated and nuanced emotions of finding love. The song blends the singer’s versatile and intoxicating voice with poignant lyrics that create a vibrant tapestry of emotive sounds.
With a soulful electric guitar riff and effortless, breathy vocalizations, “Love Pains” enters boldly with a straight-forward energy that lets you know just what you’re in for. Martin’s voice is soulful and dynamic as she effortlessly glides between octaves depicting a story of heartache and disappointment over the upbeat, rhythmic guitar melody. With a seemingly optimistic tone, she sings “nothing ever lasts, and nothing ever will” creating an interesting juxtaposition between the song’s optimistic feel and less-than-optimistic outlook adding a very real, human element to the tune.
Based in Portland, Maine, Martin draws inspiration from a variety of genres that she then effortlessly blends into her unique style. “Love Pains” perfectly showcases the artist’s talent with a pop and R&B sound infused with soul elements that perfectly highlight the singer’s multifaceted voice. A confident, bold song with consistently impressive instrumentation and lyrics that will resonate with anyone who has ever played the game of love, it seems that one thing that will last is Brit Martin’s timeless music.

Written by Katrina Charles

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