“Wish You Did” – Jonah Kagen

When Jonah Kagan set out to write “Wish You Did” he wanted to capture a moment that many have experienced firsthand, and he was not only successful but did it in such a way that no one is going to be able to deny the power of this modern-day song of longing for someone who caught your eye on a typical night out. 

Seconds before you are swept away by his striking yet easygoing vocals, the music captivates with this magnetic instrumentation and a single “Oh.” It only gets better from there as the music composed around a narrative many have been a part of themselves continues to help guide this story to the finish line. But before it reaches there, Jonah Kragen gives listeners these fast-paced moments that are met with sing-along choruses that any concert-goer can attest to – will make for a great time live in venues both big and small. 

The end of August saw the release of the video for “Wish You Did,” which helps display the notion of the one that got away even clearer with the visuals. Directed by Elliot Charof, “Wish You Did” is simple in theory, but impactful overall as it has garnered almost 200,000 views to date. Not surprising as his latest single follows the heels of his hit collaboration with the one and only Matoma on “Summer Feeling.” From that to this, it is clear that Jonah Kragen is a fan favorite. 

“Wish You Did” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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