“Cold In Summer” – Micci

“Tell me that we’ll be okay.” 

A simple line that holds the weight of the world. A line that kicks off the second single from the upcoming release from Australia’s Micci, “Cold In Summer.” 

However, that line does come after a bit of a red herring as the ‘80s-inspired synth that piques the interest during the initial 10 seconds of “Cold In Summer” may lead some to think that this may be pure electronic from that point on. Then, you’re surprised by this heartfelt performance that continues to evoke a wave of emotion throughout the rest of the track as the beat picks up a bit and you’re left swaying along, and soon enough dancing in chilled formations. 

Much like how The Weeknd has managed to take electronic music and make it work seamlessly in a mainstream way, so does Micci. Her vocals are both here and now, but also a little throwback with some moments throughout reminiscent of what Roxette did in “It Must Have Been Love.” So from the press of play, there is a myriad of fantastical musical moments that will keep a crowd holding onto every word and beat coming from the stage. 

This is perfect since when Micci pens her music, her mind is always on the stage with images of performing under the summer sun. One can only hope music fans near and far will hear both “Cold In Summer” and “Didn’t Want Love” at more than a few festivals next summer with the release of her new album. For now, both singles are available on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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