“Why” – Haven Madison

When a relationship is over, many of us are left to simply ask and wonder what Haven Madison is singing about her in “Why” from her 2022 EP, ‘All the Things I Didn’t Say.’

The situations unfolding throughout “Why” are not unique as heartbreak and bits of betrayal are as old as time. However, what we can talk about is the seamless blend of strength and vulnerability that Haven Madison presents on this track. When this starts, you get this very light – almost Taylor Swift-like – delivery that gives delicate pop. As things continue and the realization of the heartache and what she has been through builds, so does her performance. By the end, Haven Madison caps things off by pushing herself into a powerhouse vocal performance. “Why” kicks off the EP and is similar to how she wraps it up with “15.” 

Haven Madison grew up side stage, literally. In a tour bus as a toddler, she came up on the road watching others do what she could not wait to indulge in. After some time, she finally got her start in 2020 dropping her debut single “Already Gone.” “Stronger” followed that up and since then she has released a few more singles, the aforementioned EP, and even a new single for the warmer months this year, “This Summer.” To hear all of those and more, including “Why” from ‘All the Things I Didn’t Say,’ make sure to check out Haven Madison on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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