“703” – CUBBY

Everything about “703” by CUBBY felt very familiar as I grew up a little pop-punk kid adorned in Hot Topic attire wishing for nothing more than to leave my hometown. Only today, we’re the mirror image of one another as he left Virginia for California, and I did the opposite move. No matter where we said goodbye and hello to, the bottom line is that this is an anthemic song for anyone and everyone who ever wanted to drive away from where they were from with their middle finger high in the air. 

Lyrically this song does not miss a beat of classic 2000’s era pop-punk in that it is all about escaping the place that makes you feel as small as a dustmite and as troubled as a maniac. Many can relate to that feeling. Musically though, the upbeat alternative rock that kicks this off gave very early Good Charlotte; that lighthearted rock music that comes with a bounce in its step. Blending that with a vocal delivery that fans of MGK’s most recent record and you get the “703” special. I advise you to eat up if you’re a fan of bands like State Champs and Waterparks. 

CUBBY found himself in Virginia due to the reality that was 2020. Being stuck there led to some unfortunate consequences. Instead of letting it all swallow him whole, he packed a bag and headed west with some friends. Now he’s looking back on that experience with “703” and giving those who may feel stuck in their own current state, whether physical or state of mind, a battle cry with his debut single. 

To hear “703” make sure to check out CUBBY on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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