“Paradise Valley Fault Line” – Brett Koolik

Brett Koolik once stood at a fork in the road. One path led him into the medical field, and the other was paved with musical notes and dreams of playing on major stages around the world. He had been releasing music since 2019 but something just clicked when his latest single, “Paradise Valley Fault Line,” came to be. It was as if this song pushed him down the path he was always meant to be on, and music fans are grateful for that.

“Paradise Valley Fault Line” was written but where else – Paradise Valley, Montana in a home on a fault line. While the title is very straightforward in meaning, the song itself comes through like an anthemic guide set to song. It is all about keeping that hope alive inside, even when things can seem like they are never going to get better. It is also about embracing the good in life too because while there may be horrible things like a fault line that could destroy, you have to smile at the current paradise at hand. 

A song like this has a timeless feel to it as the sentiment is universal. However, after all, we’ve been through collectively in recent years, a song like “Paradise Valley Fault Line” has never been needed more so than it is right now. For that, music fans will be grateful. Grateful is a great word that encapsulates the essence of this song as a whole. 

Again, Brett Koolik has been making and releasing music for a handful of years now with songs like “The One I Need” and “Montana Sky” each garnering a lot of attention. He kicked off 2022 with “IDK” and now follows that up with his pinnacle moment, “Paradise Valley Fault Line.” Those who need a musical pick-me-up, or those who just love to be encased in great sounds, can check out Brett Koolik on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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