“WHO HURT YOU? (Stripped)” – Benicio Bryant

The problem with advancements in technology is that we never quite know what is real and what isn’t, right? That is especially true of music. There are legitimate artists out there who are computer avatars, and then there are real people in music who have a lot of help in the studio – Benicio Bryant is neither of those things. A reality show-veteran who has proven time and time again he has the it factor, this soulful sensation pops in all the right ways as he showcases his natural abilities in his latest single, “WHO HURT YOU (Stripped).” 

Those who’ve been a fan of Benicio Bryant since he was a mere 13 years old on Germany’s ‘The Voice Kids’ or in recent years got swept up in his skills when he appeared on ‘America’s Got Talent’ know all too well what he is capable of. You’ve also likely already heard the original version of “WHO HURT YOU?” earlier this year. It’s a great pop song that gives way to a lot of movement, but what we have here is the bare bones of the song. Just a singer in his natural element. No bells and whistles, and Benicio Bryant shines perfectly without them in a song that truly lands on a universal plain as the lyrics aren’t pinpointed at one direct idea. The song is broad enough for mass appeal and whether it’s this version or the first, people are going to fall in love within seconds. 

Those who’d like to hear “WHO HURT YOU? (Stripped),” the original, and more from Benicio Bryant can check him out on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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