“When You Were Here” – ODA

As of late, a lot of artists have been pulling from the smooth, soulful ways of the ‘70s. Whether that’s intentional or not, I’m not sure but I’m not complaining because songs like “When You Were Here” by ODA is a pleasant pop number that is a step in a new direction for her. 

When ODA first got started, she went by a different name and resided more in the lounge music scene. A handful of years later the Danish singer is proving that she can pretty much do anything she sets out to do with her first single as ODA. “When You Were Here” starts with this sort of moment that is reminiscent of ABBA, and then we sail straight into her airy, yet inviting vocals that glide right into listeners’ ears and hearts. 

You can’t help but not only mentally groove, but move your body to this soft, infectious beat. While I was taken immediately to the ‘70s with the music, lyrically and vocally I did think ODA would be perfectly placed in the same ranks as the likes of Colbie Caillat and Corrine Bailey Rae. She has that same, sincere and romantic touch to her voice that comes through effortlessly. 

Again, this is ODA’s first single under this moniker and signals a new direction for where she’s heading. With this being the jumping-off point, we cannot wait to hear what is to follow. To hear “When You Were Here” make sure to check out ODA on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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