“Dance Alone” – The Aliso

There is a certain store that used to be a titan of mall culture back when I went to college. I’ve dated myself enough with just one line, but rest assured that had “Dance Alone” by The Aliso been out then, its infectious indie dance ways would’ve been blasting from inside the dimly lit establishment. Today, though, you’d be more likely to find it heating things up on playlists featuring the likes of other bop-makers such as Evan Blair and Will Heard.

The Aliso, like the aforementioned artists, evoke nothing but movement and inner joy when listening to their music. It’s the beat and the vibrancy of “Dance Alone” that stands out from start to finish like no other, and the reason it’s like the audible version of potato chips. You can’t stop at just one listen. It’s hard to accept this is the quartet’s debut single given that it’s coming across as a deliciously seasoned piece of work, but alas – it’s making us crave more. Especially that chorus that, even after several listens, continues to be one of those songs that makes you move right where you stand.

Pairing east and west, The Aliso comes together from North Carolina and Southern California. As a solidified unit, this indie-pop band is ready to make their presence known in every state that lies between the coasts and beyond with their debut single, “Dance Alone.” To hear that, and to keep tabs on what’s to come – make sure to check out The Aliso on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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