War is Over – “Over the Wall”

Heavily influenced by today’s most popular folk and bluegrass artists, “Over the Wall” by War is Over is an incredibly produced track boasting energetic instrumentation, expertly placed vocal harmonies, and intense orchestration that will give you chills. This uplifting anthem will have you singing along with a renewed sense of positivity and optimism. 

The song begins simply with an acoustic guitar rhythm before it slowly builds to the verse. The lyrics of the verse are delivered in a soft, almost spoken manner pensively regaling a tale of hardship and determination. The verse blends into the chorus without hesitation, suddenly whisking you into a fast-paced, catchy refrain that repeats “Over the wall is your heart, there’s no harm in believing”. The song ebbs and flows playing with volume and intensity to craft a fully encapsulating, hopeful experience.

Made up of Chicago-based duo Cameron Young on lead vocals and Brycen Waitkus on instruments, War is Over began writing music together in 2016 and haven’t looked back. At just 20 years old, they are currently working on a full-length debut album and plan to take their talents to Los Angeles where they will undoubtedly take the West Coast by storm with their optimistic energy and a sound that is wise beyond their years. 

Written by Katrina Charles

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