LOST – “Killers in My Mind”

LOST’s latest single “Killers in My Mind” is a powerful anthem that honestly details the trials of living with depression. With a sound that that lies somewhere in the realms of Owl City, Coldplay, and The Script, LOST’s music is nearly flawless pop that boasts moving orchestration and heart-wrenching lyrics that will relate to anyone who have ever felt at odds with their thoughts.

“Killers in My Mind” begins with a ringing electronic tone mimicking a hospital vital monitor, immediately bringing a sense of seriousness to the song. LOST’s voice is clear and emotive with strained undertones that denote the underlying pain and exhaustion represented by the lyrics. The lyrics begin “I don’t know how I got so tired of waking up” before continuing to describe the experience of fighting intrusive thoughts. A pleasant electric guitar melody carries the tune as it slowly builds to pulsing chords and an emotional chorus that states “I’ve got killers in my mind, they tell me that I shouldn’t even try”.

Based in Southern California, Xavier is lighting up the music scene with his unique sound and perspective. With his engaging voice, personal lyrics, and creative production, there is no doubt that his career has only sunnier days ahead.

Written by Katrina Charles

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