“Waiting On A Letter” – L A C E

Sometimes a song can leave you with more questions than answers. At least that’s what happened after listening to “Waiting On A Letter” by L A C E about a dozen times past midnight. With a name as common as cotton, it was hard to dive deep into the person behind this addicting alternative meets indie song, but I do know one thing…I need to know what happened on this now infamous day on September 13th.  

Usually, songs that center around the aftermath of a relationship’s end come with either poetic lyrics or straightforward portraits painted between a killer chorus and a few verses. Here, there was a bit of a mystery, and I enjoyed trying to unravel it with each listen. What is L A C E hoping to read once the local postal worker drops this letter in their mailbox? Perhaps it’s a string of words that provide this so-called proof, but can that all be found in the confines of an envelope? I’m not sure. What I’m sure of though is this song delivers every moment as the current single from ‘I Hope You’re Happy,’ L A C E’s 2021 EP. 

‘I Hope You’re Happy ‘ reminds me in its entirety of the music that came from the mid-00s that had heavy hip hop influences but was alternative enough that it was embraced by the Warped Tour crowds. L A C E could have most definitely toured alongside Gym Class Heroes back in the day, or even opened for bands like Fall Out Boy and fared very well with the pop-rock band’s audience. Those fans are still alive and well, and would benefit from checking out what L A C E is dishing out. Both the EP and “Waiting On A Letter” are available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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