“Break The Silence” – Robert Grace

Ireland has a new poster boy for pop and it’s none other than Robert Grace. He was one of three solo artists to enter the top 20 in Ireland last year who hailed from that country; in good company with the likes of Dermont Kennedy and a guy, some may know from a little boy band called One Direction, yup – Niall Horan. His debut Columbia Germany/RCA single, “Fake Fine” spent a handful of weeks at #1 in 2020, and it’s more than likely he’ll be repeating that success with “Break The Silence.” 

Detailing the tail-end of a toxic relationship, “Break The Silence” is one of the catchiest breakup songs to ever hit the airwaves. With a knack for lyricism that hits just right, Robert Grace has the musical pizazz to stand amongst the likes of Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber stateside and do what he’s already done in his native Ireland, and that’s hit the top of the charts. That is because “Break The Silence” fails to hold back. It grabs listeners by the hand and tosses them into a pop song that has a sharpened edge, and it’s ready to cut through the competition and come out on top. 

“Break The Silence” is one of five new singles Robert Grace has graced the world with in 2021. He kicked off this year with “No Hope (The Frog Song)” and has rounded out the year with his latest as well as “Beautiful Nightmare.” All of Robert Grace’s music, including his 2016 EP, ‘Talk to Me,’ is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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