“virtual reality” – renforshort

Toronto-based singer and songwriter renforshort has released her new single “virtual reality”, an infectious tune that tows the line between pop and punk rock. Telling a story of the frustrations of living a digital life, this is a timely song that anyone will find relatable in today’s overly virtual world.

Starting with an upbeat intro of rhythmic electric guitar, “virtual reality” starts confidently with a nostalgic rock sound. As the verse begins, you are met with renforshort’s glowing, ambient voice that is soft yet striking. The chorus comes in with strong rhythms as she sings “I don’t want to live my life on the internet, I need something real” with a catchy melody that will make a home in your head. The driving rock instrumentation and strategic vocal harmonies paired with renforshort’s intoxicating conversational delivery make “virtual reality” an instant favorite.

At just 17 years old, renforshort is already making waves and has just released a video for “virtual reality” with Vevo DSCVR, a program that focuses on curating performances and content for emerging artists. With an incredible talent for creating engaging melodies and a knack for writing straightforward, relatable lyrics, renforshort is definitely the real deal.

Written by Katrina Charles

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