“I Remember You” – Lauren Spring

Lauren Spring’s single “I Remember You” is a sweet, nostalgic tune that will transport you to a porch swing on a breezy day. Showcasing Spring’s delicate, dreamy voice that has just a hint of americana around the edges, “I Remember You” is a modern folk tune you won’t soon forget.

The song begins with an unassuming vocal choir that leads into a driving bass line beneath a twangy guitar. Spring’s textured voice enters confidently with an emotional delivery of lyrics that depict a heartfelt tale of looking back at the past. Spring’s voice has a light Stevie Nicks tone to it that brings another layer of timelessness to the song. The percussion and instrumental orchestration slowly build until you are swept away in an upbeat wave of optimistic sounds as she sings “that’s how I remember you”.

Based in Port Saint Joe, Florida, Lauren Spring is a member of Americana group The Bo Spring Band as well as the all-female band The Krickets, a swamp folk band with which she has released two studio albums. Their latest single “These Games” was produced by Lauren and landed on American Songwriter’s June 2020 “Best New Music” list. With her incredible voice, creative and timeless production, and lyrics drenched in nostalgia, “I Remember You” is a classic folk song that is ready to be the soundtrack to your new memories.

Written by Katrina Charles






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