Vera Blue – “Lie To Me”

“Lie To Me” by Vera Blue is an electrifying tropical dance pop song about trusting the voices in your head while falling in love. It starts with electronic sounds painting a vibrant sonic landscape, and then Vera’s soothing indie voice lures us in and builds into a vibey chorus. At the point that it reaches the catchy “lie to me” hook and lush harmonies, Vera demonstrates powerful vocal ability. The track has a feel-good beat with tasteful synths and vocal effects mimiking the voices in one’s head. Vera’s lyrics are poetic and speak of the the fear that one feels when they’re entering a new relationship and wanting to know that their intuition is something they can listen to.

Australia-based Vera Blue started off as talented folk singer/songwriter Celia Pavel and since has transformed into an electro pop powerhouse signed to Universal Music Australia. “Lie To Me” was specifically released by Republic Records. Her journey to this point has been exciting. Through continual releases from her first Fingertips EP to her Perennial album double platinum single “Regular Touch”, her fashion has evolved to be goddess-like with majestic florals, reflective materials, often bright colors, and sheer designs. Fans are entranced by her look and her flowing movements in the clothing, leaving them highly anticipating her next looks. Her video for “Regular Touch” was cinematic in nature with iconic dancing against breathtaking mountains views, and really set the stage for the artist that she has become.

Lie To Me” also showcases the vocal range that she has developed throughout the years. While she started off with a sweet innocent voice, now she is belting with mighty pipes, and she claims this major growth occurred from continually singing over festival crowds. In addition to her sold out headline shows, Vera Blue has performed at Splendour in the Grass and Lollapalooza, as a solo artist and also as part of a world tour with Flume. In conclusion, Vera Blue has a truly unique and appealing style, and “Lie To Me” is sure to continue enchanting her ever-growing listener base.

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